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USDT Contract Address: 0x9a67aa24e7ec90b592e34294b3596b1283159ef1

USDT Token Description

USDT (USDT) contract address is 0x9a67aa24e7ec90b592e34294b3596b1283159ef1. USDT token info and USDT price chart are available on Recent Token. USDT is BSC token for PancakeSwap. This token uses BEP20 standart and it works on Binance Smart Chain. The token contract code can be found in USDT BscScan page. USDT token got detected by our trackers at 11/26/2022, 7:30:52 AM.

Is USDT safe?

You should be careful while trading DeFi tokens. Always DYOR (do your own research) to avoid scams on decentralized exchanges. Honeypot checker is the best tool to check safety of the token. Also, don't forget to review holders to detect prepumps. You can buy USDT token from PancakeSwap after completing your research.

How many decimals does USDT have?

The BEP20 standart supports up to 18 decimals. All tokens must have 0-18 decimals. USDT token has 18 decimals. It means that you can specify 18 digits after the dot.

How to buy USDT token?

You can't directly buy DeFi tokens from centralized exchanges. Because these small tokens are only available at DeFi exchanges. PancakeSwap is the best exchange to swap tokens on Binance Smart Chain. USDT PancakeSwap buy link redirects you to the purchase page. Enter the amount then click swap button to perform buy action.


Add USDT to MetaMask

MetaMask is one of the best Web3 wallet for EVM based blockchains. It also supports BEP20 tokens, it's possible to add USDT to MetaMask.

First, open the plugin and enter your password to sign in. Then scroll down and click the "Import Tokens" button.

Then enter token contract address: 0x9a67aa24e7ec90b592e34294b3596b1283159ef1. MetaMask will load other token details automatically. But if it doesn't, you can manually set the token name and token decimals.

In the last step, simply click "Add Custom Token" button. Now, you can view your USDT token balance in your MetaMask account.

Add USDT to MetaMask

USDT Chart: USDT Price

You can track USDT token price from our website for free. Some coins use rebase algorithm to manipulate the chart. We recommend to track marketcap for better results.

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